Asia Pacific Technology Systems (APTS), an award-winning Information Technology Solutions provider in the region, is gearing for its next phase of growth through the appointment of 3 reputed Independent Non-Executive Directors to its board.

Asia Pacific Technology Systems (APTS), an award-winning InformationTechnology Solutions provider in the region, is gearing for its next phase ofgrowth through the appointment of 3 reputed Independent Non-Executive Directorsto its board. The new appointments will further strengthen the Company’sstrategic focus and governance structure which will assist the company to reachits vision. The new appointments of APTS include Dr. Nirmal De Silva, RamzeenaMorseth Lye, and Chanaka Peiris.

 Dr. Nirmal De Silva isa well-known strategy consultant, entrepreneur, and associate professor inbusiness strategy. He brings in a wealth of experience from the region andcurrently serves a number of companies in the state & private sector as aboard director and advisor. Ramzeena Morseth Lye is an experienced Sales and Marketingprofessional with decades of experience at senior capacity in organizationslike Hayleys Consumer Products and Pizza Hut Sri Lanka. Until recently sheserved as the Chief Marketing Officer of Hutch in Sri Lanka.  Chanaka Peiris who also joins the board is abanking and financial services expert with over 30 years of extensive seniormanagerial experience with leading local and international banks includingStandard Chartered Bank Sri Lanka & India, Nova Scotia Bank, SocieteGenerale, Deutsche Bank and Hatton National Bank. He was also a Past Presidentof the Sri Lanka Forex Association.  Thesedynamic business leaders through their wide experience and expertise will bringin the added dynamism, professionalism and innovative thinking required for APTSto reach its true potential whilst continuing to be the ‘game changer’ in theindustry.

APTS with its humble beginnings in 2008 has been driven onthe purpose of creating value through client-centric solutions of globalstandards. APTS offers assistance to clients through all stages, from initiallyanalyzing the requirement, recommending the best course of action, designingthe solution, and finally deploying the solution as well as fine-tuning thesolution until the client’s needs are met. Over the years the strong customerbase and cutting-edge technology implementations have helped APTS continuallydifferentiate itself from the rest of its peers. The regional accolades thecompany has received from its world-class vendors is a testament to the company’scapability, service orientation, and innovative operational philosophy.

Commenting on this, the Founder and Managing Director of APTSNamal Senaratna, stated; ‘It is with great pleasure that we welcome the newappointments to our board. What differentiates us from the rest is ourdedication to human values and our focus on people, be it our clients, ourstaff, or the communities around us. It is for this reason that we decided toappoint Dr. Nirmal, Ramzeena, and Chanaka as non-executive directors to ourboard.  We believe that they embody notjust our work ethic and business acumen, but also our vision to enrich ourworld through the empowerment of people and usher in a bright future foreveryone all with an ethically driven mindset’.

In addition to the day-to-day business activities carriedout, APTS also undertakes many stakeholder engagement activities bothinternally among staff members and externally among the community in order tocontinuously build a sustainable business model.

Thanks to APTS’ unique, people-centric approach, the companyhas witnessed phenomenal growth over its 15-plus years in operation.  It is with this in mind that the companydecided to expand its board to accommodate further growth and expansion in thefuture and in the process position Sri Lanka is the global map when it comes totechnology. 

Left to right: Chanaka Peiris, Non-executive director of APTS, Dr. NirmalDe Silva, Non-executive director, Ramzeena Morseth Lye, Non-executive director,and Namal Senaratna, Founder and Managing Director of APTS

About APTS

Founded in 2008, APTS’ mission is to function as a globallyproficient organization in the ICT sphere by providing solutions that exceedexpectations, create value, improve efficiency and seamlessly integratetechnology with everyday human needs. APTS offers solutions to problems throughpeople-centric business practices