Huawei kicked off its 19th annual Global Analyst Summit today in Shenzhen. A hybrid event, the summit gathers industry analysts, financial analysts, key opinion leaders, and media representatives from around the world to learn more about future industry trends and Huawei's development strategy.

At theevent, Ken Hu, Huawei's Rotating Chairman, gave a keynote on Huawei's approachto innovation and building a greener intelligent world. "At Huawei, whenwe talk about innovation, the first thing we think is people. We hope toattract world-class talent with world-class challenges, and work together topush the limits of science and technology," said Hu, referring to the TopMinds recruitment program that the company launched on its website yesterday.


"Wedon't care where you’re from, where you graduated, or what you studied,” hecontinued. “As long as you have a dream for the future and believe you can makeit happen, we want you to come and join us. We provide world-class challenges,a powerful platform, and all the resources you need to explore theunknown."


Hu went onto discuss the specific initiatives that Huawei is working on to realize itsvision for the future. "We are currently focusing on three areas:strengthening our approach to innovation, equipping all industries with thetools and knowledge they need to go digital, and helping build a low-carbon world."


Thefollowing is a summary of these three initiatives.


Innovating nonstop and advancing the industry:

  • In terms of connectivity, Huawei continuesto drive the industry forward. The company announced its vision to enable 10Gbps connections everywhere with 5.5G and F5.5G, the next evolutions inwireless and fixed networks. Together, these will support a broader range ofniche network requirements, including a more immersive experience in homes aswell as the low latency and high reliability needed for industrial controlscenarios.
  • In terms of computing, Huawei isredefining system architectures for individual nodes, foundational software,and data centers in an effort to significantly increase system performance and energyefficiency.
  •  In cloud services, Huawei isbuilding MetaStudio, a cloud-based, end-to-end digital content pipeline thatwill greatly expedite digital content production.
  •  In terms of devices, Huawei aims to provideconsumers with a user-centric intelligent experience in all aspects of theirlives – what the company calls a Seamless AI Life experience – effectively acceleratingthe convergence of the physical and digital worlds.

Diving into digital transformation to create new value for customers:

  • Huawei is adapting its products andproduct portfolios to different industrial scenarios. At the same time, it willstart pre-integrating and pre-verifying products, doing all the complex workbeforehand to make digital transformation easier for its customers andpartners. With Huawei Cloud as the foundation, Huawei aims to provide "Everythingas a Service", turning infrastructure, technology, and expertise into cloud-basedservices, and making cloud migration easier for customers in differentindustries.
  • Huawei is also building integratedteams that focus on specific industries, bringing a specialized group ofexperts closer to customers' business challenges and more tightly incorporatinghorizontal resources, i.e., products and capabilities from partners. The goalis to provide targeted digital transformation solutions for each industry and respondmore rapidly to customer needs.

Optimizing power supply and consumption with digital technology to enable low-carbon development:

  • Huawei is redefining the PV sector withAI, cloud, and other capabilities to boost the generation of renewable energy.
  • Huawei is also developing system-levellow-carbon solutions for green ICT infrastructure, focusing on wireless base stationsand data centers.

Movingforward, Huawei is taking active steps to boost its business resilience andensure steady development. "We have to keep the ball rolling throughnonstop innovation, creating value for customers and society," said KenHu. "We look forward to working more closely with our customers andpartners to build a greener intelligent world."


Inaddition to its innovation strategy, Huawei also shared its far-reaching visionfor the future and some of the exploration it's doing to get there. In hiskeynote speech, Dr. Zhou Hong, President of Huawei's Institute of StrategicResearch, said that "everything we imagine today is very likely to be tooconservative – too little – for tomorrow. We have to meet the future with boldhypotheses and a bold vision, and throw caution to the wind as we push to breakthrough bottlenecks in theory and technology. This is the only wayforward."

In hisspeech, Dr. Zhou outlined ten challenges that Huawei hopes to address movingforward.

Two scientific questions:

  • How do machines perceive the world,and can we build models that teach machines how to understand the world?
  • How can we better understand thephysiological mechanisms of the human body, including how the eight systems ofthe body work, as well as human intent and intelligence? 

Eight tech challenges:

  • New sensing and controlcapabilities, e.g., brain-computer interfaces, muscle-computer interfaces, 3Ddisplays, virtual touch, virtual smell, and virtual taste
  • Real-time, unobtrusive bloodpressure, blood sugar, and heart monitoring, and strong AI-assisted discoveriesin chemical pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and vaccines
  • Application-centric, efficient,automated, and intelligent software for greater value and better experience
  • Reaching and circumventing Shannon'slimit to enable efficient, high-performance connectivity both regionally andglobally
  • Adaptive and efficient computingmodels, non-Von Neumann architectures, unconventional components, andexplainable and debuggable AI
  • Inventing new molecules, catalysts,and components with intelligent computing
  • Developing new processes thatsurpass CMOS, cost less, and are more efficient
  • Safe, efficient energy conversionand storage, as well as on-demand services


The HuaweiGlobal Analyst Summit was first held in 2004 and has continued annually for 19years. This year's event is being held from April 26 to 27, and it includes abroad range of breakout sessions on different aspects of Huawei's business.


Ken Hu, Huawei's Rotating Chairman, speaking at HAS 2022

Ken Hu, Huawei's Rotating Chairman, speaking at HAS 2022