EXcubed wins coveted UK Financial Services Tech Award

The UK FSTechAwards are highly sought-after  in theindustry as they celebrate excellence and innovation within the UK and EMEAfinancial services sector. In addition to winning the Digital TransformationProject of the Year award, EXcubed was also a finalist in three othercategories.

The platform,built by EXcubed’s software development team in Sri Lanka, uses cutting-edgetechnology to combine in-depth practical knowledge of the global fundmanagement industry’s operations and challenges,  with innovative design and a flexible andmodular platform architecture. The need for digitalisation in the fundmanagement industry became more acute due to the Covid19 pandemic. The Excubedplatform enabled LGIM to fast-track the digitalisation of their processes inorder to sustain their competitiveness in the post-pandemic world.

Commenting onthe award, Rohan Perera, Chief Technology Officer of EXcubed stated, ‘We areboth humbled and ecstatic to receive this prestigious award. Our unique operationalmodel which focuses on bringing together talented individuals, leadingpartners, and resources has helped us create value for our clients and surpassglobal giants in the field of technology and fund management. We are confidentthat this award will help us grow and achieve further success in the future.’

Digitalisationrequires a high level of technical expertise and capability. EXcubed  continuously empowers its team members todevelop and grow in their individual fields by providing them with the opportunityto collaborate with global partners and companies. This enables all teammembers to gain invaluable exposure and unique domain knowledge.

Sri Lanka is a country with a highly skilled andtalented workforce on par with, or exceeding, global standards. By developing aproduct that is used by blue-chip global brands, rather than merely providingsoftware development and IT services, EXcubed is encouraging furtherdevelopment of Sri Lanka’s IT industry and providing opportunities for SriLankan talent to work for a global product company

About EXcubed

EXcubed hasdeveloped a digitalisation product for the global fund management industry,with blue chip clients in the UK. EXcubed partners with select financial services institutions andbusiness leaders who share the same vision and courage to challenge the statusquo. EXcubed applies proven fund management industry experience andcutting-edge technology expertise to facilitate digitalisation via aproprietary technology platform.

For moreinformation, go to - https://www.excubed.co.uk/