On May 19, the Asia-Pacific Digital Innovation Congress 2022 opened in Singapore. Huawei, together with the ASEAN Foundation, worked with customers, experts, scholars, and analysts to discuss new scenarios and directions for digital economy and industry innovation.

On May 19, the Asia-Pacific Digital InnovationCongress 2022 opened in Singapore. Huawei, together with the ASEAN Foundation,worked with customers, experts, scholars, and analysts to discuss new scenariosand directions for digital economy and industry innovation. At the "cloudservice" industry forum, Jacqueline Shi, President of Global Marketing andSales Service of HUAWEI CLOUD, delivered a keynote speech.


In 2021, HUAWEI CLOUD released its latest strategy,"Dive into digital with Everything as a Service.""Everything" includes Huawei's vision and understanding of theindustry. In the past, when we talked about cloud services, the most peopleknow about IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Most of the time, they were presented from theperspective of a technology provider. Digital transformation in manyindustries, however, requires not only technologies and resources, but alsoexperience, services, ideas, and everything that can be shared.


Over the past 30 years, Huawei has earned extensivetrust from customers and partners in the carrier and enterprise markets byadhering to the principles of "good service, good quality, quick responseto customer requirements, technological innovation to create customer value,and win-win cooperation with ecosystem partners." Embedded with samevalues and business strategy, HUAWEI CLOUD continues to create trustworthy andinnovative cloud services to realize our commitment of “in Asia-Pacific, forAsia-Pacific.”

In his speech, Zeng Xingyun,President of HUAWEI CLOUD Asia-Pacific, reviewed HUAWEI CLOUD's rapid growth in 2021 and itsadvantages in localized services in the Asia-Pacific market.


Zeng pointed out that, “There are six strategies ofHuawei CLOUD in Asia-Pacific. In terms of industry strategy, we focus on“Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, and win-win withecosystem partners” to continuously improve the core competitiveness of HuaweiCloud. In terms of market strategy, we focus on ‘Dive into digitaltransformation, accelerate cloud native and business innovation, and build thebest 2B services’ to continuously create value for customers.”

HUAWEI CLOUD has been operating in Asia-Pacificsince 2018. After four years of development, HUAWEI CLOUD has risen to No. 2 inChina, No. 3 in Thailand, and No. 4 in developing markets in Asia-Pacific,becoming the fastest growing cloud provider among the top 5 frontrunners in theregion. HUAWEI CLOUD Region has been launched in Hong Kong (China), Singapore,Thailand, and Malaysia. It will also be introduced this year in Indonesia, withaccess points to be deployed in Philippines, Vietnam, India, Japan, and SouthKorea.


In 2021, HUAWEI CLOUD's key customers in theAsia-Pacific region will increase by 156%, and the number of ecosystem partnerswill grow by 90%. What's more exciting is that revenue of our partners will riseby 150%, which is higher than HUAWEI CLOUD's revenue.


In 2022, new services such as global networkacceleration service (GA), real-time audio and video service (SparkRTC),software development production line (DevCloud), and financial distributeddatabase GaussDB (for openGauss) , will be launched in the Asia-Pacific marketto continuously improve the competitiveness of our cloud solutions in theregion.


  • Real-time audio and video cloud service (SparkRTC): Cross-continent latency < 200 ms
  • Global Network Acceleration Service (GA): Reduces cross-country access E2E latency by 50%,satisfying service needs like real-time competitive gaming.
  • DevCloud: Based on Huawei's 30-year R&Dpractices, DevCloud is used by over 100,000 R&D workers on a broad scale.
  • GaussDB (for openGauss): A financial-class distributed database,which has been verified on a large scale in the most demanding scenarios.


Up till now, HUAWEI CLOUD has 27 regions, 65 AZs(Availability Zones), and 2,800 CDN nodes worldwide. Meanwhile, throughcooperating with 6000+ partner applications, we are serving customers in a widerange of industries in 170 countries and regions, with 220+ cloud services and210+ solutions, and contributing to global digital transformation.