The persistent threat from the Covid-19 pandemic has urged each individual to focus more on their health and safety. While hand hygiene is a priority at present, people are more concerned about overall skin protection.

The persistent threatfrom the Covid-19 pandemic has urged each individual to focus more on theirhealth and safety. While hand hygiene is a priority at present, people are moreconcerned about overall skin protection. The reason being, many skin careproducts cause skin dryness and dullness, which indeed affect the skin’sbeauty. Especially, this has become a general concern with beauty consciouswomen who wish to retain their skin’s glory as longer as possible. Even though,there are many kinds of skin care products available in the market, someproducts can be harsh on skin and cause skin woes while the harsh fragrances inthose products are another concern.

If using certainskin care products is just one scenario that brings skin woes, Sri Lanka’stropical climate too takes a toll on skin causing dryness, dullness andirritation. Do you pay attention to the skin care products such as soap, handwash, lotions and body wash products you buy? This is one of the most relevant questions for today’s context whereregular washing has become a need of the hour to protect oneself from virus andgerms. Hence, it is paramount to be aware of skin care products before usingthose.

As a solution,it is recommended to thoroughly inspect the product labels and read the provideddetails before choosing a product. Most of the products contain a detaileddescription about ingredients and relevant certifications. It does not meanthat all products are skin friendly, which is when the knowledge about skinfriendly products comes to the rescue of users.

A major aspectto consider when choosing a skin care product is its moisturizing propertiesbecause when a product is infused with moisturizing properties, it helps tokeep the skin wet, prevent dryness and appearance of wrinkles. The moisturizingfactor is more important at present than ever due to frequent hand washing andsanitizing.

If a skin careproduct is of good quality and safe for usage, it needs to have obtained thedermatologically tested certification, which is commonly accepted certificationfor skin care products. It claims that the product has been tested bydermatologists to be clinically safe on skin.

In addition, a goodquality skin care product can be determined with several certifications such asthe NMRA and ISO certifications and IFRA certification for use of safefragrances. For skin care products seekers, it is advisable to choose a productby considering the above certifications.

Anotherimportant factor that needs to be considered is, whether the particular productis of a Sri Lankan origin. The reason being Sri Lankan skin types are differentto that of any other country and local manufacturers are usually well versed inthe composition that suits local skin types.

Velvet is atruly Sri Lankan brand with a rich history of providing the best personal washand skin care products. At the heart of Velvet’s brand promise is consumers’safety where it showcases skin friendly products with high moisturizing levels.The brand Velvet comes with a comprehensive product portfolio including soap,body wash, hand wash and body lotion, which are manufactured to the higheststandards in line with necessary safety protocols.

The unique Hydrosofttechnology in Velvet products locks in moisture to provide a soft skin thatevery woman yearns for. Velvet Soap, Handwash and Bodywash products aredermatologically tested to be clinically safe on skin and Velvet body lotion isspecially designed to suit the Sri Lankan skin. Velvet claims the NMRA, GMP andISO certifications and being an IFRA certified brand, Velvet  is renowned for the mild fragrances used inits products.